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Celtic Ways Tours & Vacations

Come Aboard The Nagian's Bardic Tour of Ireland 2008

Claire & John : USA Tour March 2008

Sites Of Ancient Ireland

Co. Donegal:  Beltany

Co. Galway:  Sacred Hidden Wells Of Connemara

Co. Leitrim:  Moytura

Co. Leitrim:  Tullyskeherny

Co. Meath:  Loughcrew - The Torch Stone

Co. Sligo:  Carrowkeel (introduction)

Co. Sligo:  Carrowkeel (more detail)

Co. Sligo:  Carrowmore

Co. Sligo:  Ceis (Keash) Corran

Co. Sligo:  Deerpark

Co. Sligo:  Historical Trail

Co. Wexford:  National Heritage Park

Ancient Festival Days

Samhain: Before Trick Or Treat

Samhain: Flame Of Tlachtga

Samhain: Kindling The Celtic Spirit

Christian Halloween Fears

Imbolc - What will you do over Imbolc?

Litha - Midsummer Solstice

Lughnasa - August cross quarter day

Ancient Irish Mythology

Age Of Taurus In Co. Sligo

Brigid - Who is Brigid?

Ireland's Ghost Stories

Living In The "Shire"

Michael Quirke: Woodcarver & Storyteller

Ride A White Swan (cygnus legends)

Tuatha De Dannan

Celtic Shamanism

A Veil Between Two Worlds


Living Foods

Rowan, The Tree Of Life

The Jedi Faith

Sites Of Early Christian Ireland

Co. Donegal:  Gartan - Columcille's birthplace

Co. Donegal:  Glencolumbkille - spiritual celebration of Columcille

Co. Leitrim:  Killargue Well

Co. Leitrim:  St. Hugh's Well

Co. Offaly:  Columcille's Durrow Abbey

Sacred Sites not in Ireland

Scotland:  Caithness - Cat's Cairn Wisdom

England:  Stonehenge - Healing?


Claire Roche

Claire's New Journey (more about Claire Roche)

Robin Williamson: "The Iron Stone" review

Switchback: A Perfect Mix

Live Shows & Events

Over 1000 turn up to create a human harp at Tara

Here's The Human Harp On Tara, Sept: 23rd 2008

30 Harpers Performed for Tara in Dublin

Rock Stars Sing Shanties

World Premiere Of "Battle Of The Books"

Around Ireland

Hiring A Barge In Ireland

Cozy Cafes Of Ireland

People & Comment

Where Do Cabbages Come From?

End Of The Cliffs Of Moher?

Family Farms

Freedom To Read

The Devil And Friend

Portable Media:  blogs, audio pods, video pods, live streams


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