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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Croatia: Day 9 - Farewell To Croatia

by John Willmott of Celtic Ways

Last days of a wonderful holiday are always difficult as we try to create a memorable conclusion, be aware that it will soon be over yet try to live for the moment because it is all so wonderful.

We wandered the streets of Dubrovnik and engaged in souvenir shopping. That's quite easy here and not too expensive. Earlier in the week I had been to the Maritime museum a couple of days ago but returned with Claire for a more thorough browse. This provided a wonderful conclusion as this one place provides a remarkable presentation of Dubrovnik and even Croatian and Adriatic history as it is all so closely linked to its seafaring heritage. Seeing as most of our adventure had been at sea this seemed very appropriate.

The drive to Dubrovnik airport along the winding mountain coast road porovided adventure into out last minutes here. This journey was into the first heavy cloud we had seen all week. There was a change in weather to come.

Dubrovnik airport is an easy and comfortable airport to pass through. I could not resist buying a bottle of local Ameretto at the duty free shop to try and re-create some of the wonderful coffee I had consumed. Without Ameretto you'll drink the best coffee in the world in Croatia.

Unlike the flight through clear skies when we flew to Venice this was a cloudy flight. There were slight breaks allowing us to view the leaving of the Adriatic plus some of the highest snow capped Alps peaked through the highest clouds.

As we left the plane at Dublin the chilly breeze instantly made us yearn for the warm breeze when we left the plane at Venice over a week ago.

It did not take long, though, to start looking forward to our new adventures to come in Ireland. I see that the long range forecast is for a heatwave here for the week ahead. Here in Co. Sligo we actually do have much nicer beaches than Croatia. We have known the sea to get warm here too :-)

Still so many places to visit and stories to tell here in Ireland. I look forward to sharing more with you.


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