Harps and Bards at Carrowcrory Cottage
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This is a new replacement page and soon I will bring back pics and video clips
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about Bards

We are quite loose with what we call a “bard” today. A Bard, to many of us, is a bringer and performer of songs, poetry and stories to entertain us, inspire us, reflect our feelings and enhance our dream world. Some people will name bards as being their spiritual guides.

Bards accompany their songs, poetry, stories and ramblings with music. Some achieve this like the ancient bards, delivering melody of music that carries their words into our dreamtime space and blesses our spiritual sanctuary. Their words and music together ignites and re-kindles the fires of our hearts.

From ancient tradition it is the harp that has been the chosen instrument of bards. For most of them the harp was not a choice but the only instrument available to them to serve melody to accompany and guide their voice. Not an easy thing to do with a wind blown instrument. Percussion can be good accompaniment for a bard too, but strumming is of a different realm and is a different guide compared to melody from a harp. 

In ancient times, originating in the middle east, it was said that a king was not a king without being a bard. It was probably the other way round, as it was the skills of a bard that elevated him, usually, to kingship or at least becoming a chieftain. I will share more about this later.

Meanwhile, we are sure you will enjoy our introduction the Harps and Bards during an Afternoon at Carrowcrory. You may wish to return to us for longer workshops of this another day, as anyone can become a bard, really.

I plan to add several features here about Bards in the near future.

Bards at Carrowcrory

Words & Harps Day

This is our main annual bardic event
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